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Super game. Best since Baldurs Gate release in my opinion. But there little annoying feature. Its about Merisiel. Her art clealry indicates that she is specializing on close combat weapons, such as blades, daggers and etc. But in game playing Merisiel meas that u have to use shortbows, or maybe longbows if u get weapon proficiency perk. Melee weapons 95% strength based, and those which uses dex, require weapon spec perk to use it effectively. More over, these weapons most effective if u have ranged skill which Merisiel doesnt have. Iam ok if it is made because her spec ability compensate this nonsence in terms of her usefulness. God knows she is useful indeed, but in terms of logic connection between her art and actual gameplay its a disaster (

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Thematically, Merisiel in the picture is almost covered in daggers. Not short swords, great axes, twohanded swords, maces and such. She holds a rapier or something similar, that is true. If I remember correctly, this is just a matter of her personality and need to be prepared for everything.

And now to the daggers - all daggers use Dexterity and Ranged. Merisiel doesn't have the Ranged skill, but her Dex 1d12 is enormously powerful with blessings. Harsk is a beast with Ranged weapons, but he is specialized in them. And don't forget that Meri has a very large strength with regard to many other characters. 1d8 is smaller than for all fighter-type characters, but larger than every other character.

There are other variations in many characters in other tabletop games and Class Decks. And guess what? The Rogue Class Deck Merisiel does have Ranged skill. And Skull & Shackles Merisiel has Melee: Dexterity+1 when using weapons with Finesse trait (Rapier? :) ).

I do not consider this a thematical error, just an aspect of her. :)

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And since backstabbery is one of Merisiel's power options, I've always thought that's when her daggers get used. De-geeking for a minute, it's worth mentioning the wonderful Pathfinder "iconics" -  painted by fellow Brit and ex 2000AD artist Wayne Reynolds - predate the card game by a few years, so in a sense the game is trying to capture the spirit of the image, rather than the other way around. Which is still cool.

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