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Traitor stuck on my screen



Platform: PC (Windows 10)

User: atwarner #9699

Scenario: Attack on Sandpoint

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Spawns from Below, Driving Rain

Characters: Ezren (The Old Light), Merisiel (Wooden Bridge), Sajan (Sandpoint Cathedral), Valeros (City Gate), Lini (Descrated Vault), Seoni (Rusty Dragon Inn)

What happened: Ezren explored The Old Light on the first turn of the scenario. He encountered and defeated (via Lini playing Greater Aid and Seoni playing Blessing of Pharasma) a barrier that let him explore again (Pit Trap maybe). He encountered Detect Evil and acquired it. He played it, seeing a Traitor. He chose to encounter it. Lini was chosen for the "Spawns From Below". She activated Superior Animal Trick for an easy BYA check. She discarded Staff of Heaven and Earth for Improved Beast Form, revealed Saber-Tooth Tiger for Superior Animal Trick and defeated the Wrathful Sinspawn. The Wrathful Sinspawn was banished. But the screen stayed on Lini. There was a progress button, so I pressed it. Lini reset her hand, the turn ended and it was Seoni's turn (skipping the other 4 characters). The Traitor is just stuck there on the screen.






I kept playing. Seoni encountered a Werewolf, that also activated Spawns from Below. That went fine and made the Traitor disappear. When I got back to Ezren, the Traitor was the top of the location deck at the Old Light, and it was able to be seen via the examine button.

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Similar occurrence.


Scenario: Crow Bait

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Darkest Night, Too Many Scarecrows


Valeros was at the Guard Tower. After dealing with Bandit, he acquired a Wooden Shield, explored again and encountered Xulgath. Seoni got the Ghoul Scarecrow. She defeated it by sacrificing Blessing of Saranrae for Superior Arcane Blast. Then the Xulgath just stayed in the corner and the turn jumped to Seoni as the active character.




I then explored with Seoni. Somehow, she encountered an invisible Ghoul Scarecrow.



She defeated, then Valeros was instantly encountering Ameiko Kaijitsu.



Maybe the fact that the next card was an ally "bleed" into the Ghoul Scarecrow that Seoni encountered from the Xulgath?


After Valeros failed to acquire Ameiko, he was prompted to close his location.



Except, there was still a henchman/villain ? in his deck. The Ghoul Scarecrow was really Seoni's from the Village House, because it was left without a ? card in the counter.


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Similar problem.


Scenario: Sandpoint Under Siege

Difficulty: Heroic

Wildcards: Driving Rain


Valeros encountered Ogrekin at City Gate. Lini was the random choice for Longtooh. But after Lini was chosen, the Ogrekin's power rolled (2). Lini beat Longtooth, then the red "progress" arrow appeared. Clicking it ended the turn (which was treated as Lini's turn)..



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