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Meaning he's a tank not talking about the monster lash DPS build. I like having a shield on the Paladin most of the time. So for an Alpha Striking Bleak Walker what's more Alpha? Arbalest shots or Duel Wield Bitter cuts with talents?


I think in the monster lash thread it says that DW bittercuts is more Alpha?

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Have gun will travel.

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Only if you face very high DR foes an arquebus is better. For the usual enemy dual sabre with with burning lash (doesn't need to be dual Bittercut) is better. Basically any dual setup with heavy one handers is better. Since you can land crits with FoD quite easily I would look for annihilating enchantments as on Battle Axes, the two sabres and a war hammer. Bittercut is cool because of its additional +20% damage via Spirit of Decay that also works with Bleak Walker's Remember Rhakan Field.


Just remember that every lash you add is a seperate one and has to overcome DR seperately. So it's not one 120% burning lash + 30% corrosive lash (or 90% burning and 60% corrosive - depends what you put onto your weapon), instead it's 60% + 30% + 30% +30% lashes that all have to deal with 1/4th of burn or corrode DR.


It doesn't matter which lash you put onto your weapon if you take both Spirit of Decay and Scion of Flame. If you don't use Bittercut then I'd say Scion of Flame is enough and you don't need to take Spirit of Decay just for the Bleak Walker's talent.

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