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[CUSTOM PARTY] Final Fantasy protagonists

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Hello Guys,


I want to make full custom party with main protagonists from Final Fantasy (or villains :) ).

I hope that we have fans of this game and you i need your help to build this two parties from main series of Final Fantasy - from I part till XII part matching races, classes, and weapons from POE to selected characters.

Here are my party example:


Cecil Harvey (FF IV) - Paladin with 1h sword;

Zidane Tribal (FF IX) - Rogue with dual daggers;

Cloud Strife (FF VII) - Warrior with 2h sword;

Tifa Lockhart (FF VII) or Sabin Rene Figaro (FF VI) - Monk with bare hands;

Garnet Til Alexandros (FF IX) - Priest with rods;

Edward Chris von Muir (FF IV) - Chanter with Bow?


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Nice! I wanted to to do this with an all FF4 party.


Cecil - paladin Sword and board.

Kain - Barb with spear (dragons leap for his jump!

Yang - monk, obviously

Rydia - Chanter with rod, summons!

Rosa - priest with bow.

Tellah - wizard (my avatar for the forums and twitter! I love him)


Many others to add but those are my favorites

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