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My Shieldbearer and Pallegina's Quest

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So RP wise I decided that Pallegina should follow the Ducs orders.  Despite being a Shieldbearer.  I think I messed up.  My order was founded on STOPing a war from happening and yet I could have started one by advising Pallegina to go through with the full trade agreement.  I think I was being short sighted and thinking about Pallegina and  Agosti.  I thought it Diplomatic and fair that Pallegina got what she wanted in investigating the attack on Animancy in the Dyrwood and the Ducs got what they wanted in a full trade agreement. I did not think of the bigger picture of possibly starting a war with the Dyrwood and the Valian Repubics.  


What do you guys think?



Have gun will travel.

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