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No Adventure reward when I completed the Valeros Scenario




General (For all issues)

What platform are you on? iPad

What version of the OS are you running? iOS 11.0.2

What model is the device? iPad Air

What is your PFID#? Is this the number on the main screen? It is 5458


I finished the Valeros adventure but did not receive the 5000 gold reward. I received the 250 gold reward for each segment completed but not the final reward. Is this a glitch in the game?

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Did you complete it in legendary?

Can you confirm that these adventure rewards are for completing it on the first level of difficulty? Perhaps I am deluded, but every other time I completed an adventure for the first time on normal difficulty, I got the reward. 


If I am wrong, the text of the rewards should definitely be clarified, especially if it is particular to the Valeros adventure or some other such.

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