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Lost loot rewards for Valeros’ scenarios



I have recently completed the “Fighter’s Tale” scenarios and decided to go through and complete them all on heroic and legendary difficulties. After completing the first one I was rewarded with a unique loot card which I was very excited to see. However, the card did not appear in my decks, stash, or unclaimed tab. I chalked it up to a glitch and carried on. Then I beat the second scenario on legendary and received another unique loot card and it seems to have disappeared again! Neither card appears in any of the fore mentioned places, nor my Collection.


Where have they gone? Is there any way I can recover them? If I continue, will I be presented with more loot that will disappear? Any help or advice will be much appreciated.

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For the legendary card rewards they are just added to the card pool, so are now available to find in game.


As far as I can see there is also no way to view them in your collection because they don't have an adventure deck number... which also means I have no idea what the minimum adventure is for them to be in the card pool...

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