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Ghlorofaex appearance automatically empties location.



I'll detail this as much as I can, because I thought this was fixed but it cropped up again.


6-2 Legendary, Alert Guards and Driving Rain wildcards.


Kyra starts in Temple, Seelah in Heptaric Locus, Seoni in Garrison, Merisiel in City Gate.


Seoni finds Warden early, defeats Warden, closes location--G attacks Meri, Meri makes Acrobatics check (I think?). 2 damage, 1 protected by Ring, 1 discarded card.


Seoni next finds Warden at Town Square, defeats Warden, closes location--G attacks Kyra, Kyra fails Dex check, G rolls for 2 damage, protected by Steel Ibis Lamellar.


Seelah finds Warden at Heptaric Locus, but fails Combat check, so no attempt to close.


Kyra finds Warden at Temple, defeats Warden, closes location--G attacks Meri. NOW comes the bug: Meri doesn't have to roll: 2 damage automatically, and City Gate is emptied of cards. There were 5 cards in there, the top of which was a Warden (I know this because Meri had just used Revelation Quill.), iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.

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Okay, it just happened again--and I think the problem may be the Temple?


6-2 Normal. Seoni at Garrison, Merisiel in Temple, Kyra at City Gate, Seelah in Heptaric Locus.


First turn: Seoni finds Deathweb. Takes 1 damage, kills Deathweb with Force Blast.


Second turn: Meri finds a Warden. Defeats the Warden. Says she wants to close location. G appears and automatically does 2 damage, and I watch the Temple empty of cards BEFORE I resolve damage.

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