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Any way to install IE Mod w/out using the Patchwork Installer?

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I kinda feel like starting a new game of PoE while waiting for DOS2's big patch to drop, but I definitely don't want to deal with those godawful loading times again. I'm told that the IE mod fixes the problem (by disabling auto-saves), so I'm trying to install it... with little luck.


I've followed the instructions (and double and triple and quadruple-checked) but the patchworklauncher.exe will not run. The windows task manager shows it running in the background for all of a half second before vanishing. I've tried multiple compatibility modes and privilege levels, to no success. Maybe it just doesn't work with Windows 10 and/or 64-bit operating systems? I dunno. The point is, it's not working.


So: is there any way to bypass the patchwork launcher and install IE Mod manually? Or an alternative means of disabling the auto-saves?

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Hm... then is there any other option to disable the auto-saving? By the end of my game, I was waiting 20-30 seconds every time. I didn't really notice many bugs in my playthrough, so if the IE Mod doesn't mess w/ the autosaving thing, it's not necessary. (I mean, it still sucks that it won't work, but I really only care about fixing the loading times).

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Yup. I'm gonna try manually deleting all of the game files (now that I've finished my playthrough) and see if it'll work w/ a fresh install.


EDIT: well, it finally worked for me. Did a reboot of my my PC and re-downloaded the mod archive, too, just in case. No idea what was going wrong.

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