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Dominate: Not searching and not activating Illusionist Ezren's Mind Trick power



Platform: PC (Windows 10)

User: atwarner #9699

Scenario: Black Fang's Dungeon

Difficulty: Heroic

Wild Cards: Darkest Night

Characters: Ezren, Merisiel, Sajan, Valeros, Lini, Seoni


Late in the game, Ezren and Merisiel were at the Desecrated Vault. Ezren explored and encountered a Goblin Commando. He played Dominate to evade it. First card behind it was a monster. Next card was a Blessing of Gorum, which he took. The Goblin Commando went back into the deck and the deck shuffled. The correct order (I believe) should have been to shuffle everything except the Goblin Commando (thus completing the search) then evade the Goblin Commando (and thus activate Mind Trick).


Also, Dominate examined until it found a boon. It should have shown me the whole location deck and let me choose which boon I wanted. It uses the word "search" in the power, not examine.

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I have compared the text for tabletop and computer version of Dominate and they are somewhat different. Tabletop card specifically says you choose a boon, searching through the whole deck. Maybe this different behaviour in computer version is to combat farming? Holy Candle was changed to Banish, after all. Per rules, it should reveal the whole deck.

However, the rest of the card works as intended (based on tabletop text). First, you search the deck, take the boon you like, but do not shuffle. Then, the evasion occurs and you shuffle the monster back. Ezren's mind trick should replace the evasion as a whole with putting the monster on bottom, I think. So, draw a boon, put the monster on bottom, do not shuffle anything. If that is not the observed behaviour, it is a bug.

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See this FAQ, which brings the tabletop text to match the computer text, and also says that he searches, shuffles, then can use Mind Trick to put the monster on the bottom.



The discussion about it was here:



And this is the rules for search:



Sometimes a card allows you to search a deck and choose any card of a particular type; that means you look at every card in the deck and choose any card of that type. Unless the card that allows the search says otherwise, the deck is shuffled afterwards.*


So, if Ezren plays Dominate he looks at the whole entire location deck. Picks out a boon. Then shuffled everything except the card he is evading. Then he evades the card and can choose to either (a) activate Mind Trick and place the card on the bottom or (b) do the normal evade and shuffle it back in.



*Also, the rules in the computer version say "afterwords" instead of "afterwards" (o vs. a).

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And correct you are, apparently. I did not notice the 'shuffle after search' sentence in the rulebook. My point was the omission of the word choose (choose a boon), which seemed strange. But one of your links pointed to a new wording by Paizo, which is essentially the same as in application. So, the Dominate works as per older wording (with exception of not allowing any boon to be drawn) and has a new wording. Thank you very much for enlightening me in that regard.

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