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What's on Top of Mountain Peak affects the start of turn check



Scenario: Assault on the Pinnacle

Party: Ezren (Thassalonian Dungeon), Merisiel (Guard Tower), Sajan (Temple), Valeros (Prison), Lini (Mountain Peak), Seoni (Throne Room)

Difficulty: Normal

Platform: PC (Windows 10)

User ID: atwarner #9699


I've seen similar issues in other scenarios. Turn 5, Lini has to do the start of the turn Wisdom/Survival 7 check at Mountain Peak. Automatically on the screen are a 1d10 + 2d4, without her doing anything. Revealing and animal makes it 1d10 + 3d4 + 9. Success. She explores, and find Khalib. He is a transmutter, so the Runeforged Weapons is applicable. It seems that the Runeforged Weapons also were applying to the location's power, because he was the top card.


Other times, I've had to reroll the check only to discover a Giant Crab was on top.


So, it seems what ever the top card of the location, it's powers are being applied to the location's check.

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