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Conflicting Dispositions question for Paladin

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I am thinking of running both a Wayfarer and a Bleak Walker Paladin, and obviously the conflicting Dispositions issue is making me hesitate. The biggest issue for me is whether I can still max the Faith and Conviction boni for both the Wayfarer and the Bleak Walker Paladin if I take Untroubled Faith. I do not like losing a level-up slot for Untroubled Faith, because Paladins have a lot of useful abilities/talents. But using 2 Paladins means that I can spread the abilities/talents around, so I can waste 1 Paladin slot for Untroubled Faith. But will this work for my intended effect? I do have the IE mod, so my companions do benefit from Disposition boni.

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Paladins and Priests companions are not affected by your dispositions choices. You only have to worry about your MC.


I know but I use the IE mod to change that and to apply them to companions, too ;)



:) oops, I didnt read your last sentence . To quick on the trigger

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