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Saved games keeps disappearing - tried everything



I am experiencing a bug that is sapping my will to continue to play or buy future Obsidian products frankly. Basically what is occurring is that saves are regularly disappearing, and I can neither see them in game or save folder. At times, I can see very old saves again for some odd reason, but they also disappear when I re-launch the game.


Apparently this is a relatively common problem, and I tried every work-around suggested in Obsidian and Steam forums, and none of them have worked. I tried to desynch from Steam Cloud, playing as Administrator-only, un-checking read-only from save file (you can't do this in Windows 10), deleted the Appdata files, disabling my antivirus - literally everything suggested.


I have not tinkered with the game in any fashion other than install the IE Mod, disable auto-saves from there, and install MaxQuest's UPMod. That's all.


I am on Windows 10, as noted above.

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