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Speed Metal Band party (or punk rock crew from Aedyr)/Cadence Callers (for Serious RP lol)

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So for my next play through whether this run is successful or not I was thinking of doing a three piece full custom Cadence themed group (an Icewind Dale type run less dialogue never done this before),


The Cadence Squad


Cadence Caller: Chanter (Dragon Thrashed, summons in early game)


Cadence Caller: Chanter (Dragon Thrashed, summons in early game)


Drummer (DW Warhammer Barbarian, Heart of Fury etc, Clubs would fit the drummer theme better but Warhammers are better)


Support Personnel: 


NCO/Sergeant : Paladin (Once again Quick Switch Damage for targets that need to be dead with support abilities for squad) Debating what the most beneficial Order will be.  Go Bleak Walker just for better Alpha for on call targets?  Shieldbearer for more Deflection for Chanters/Group?  All can benefit from that except Barbarian. Should I go twohanded with this guy?  I think maybe he will still be more useful with the Outworn Buckler and Just sticking to Alphas.  Opinions? 


Debuff specialist (squad support): Wizard


Pre Battle blesser for the troops (squad support) : Priest

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I would use a Priest of Skaen with Firebrand this time. The combined Sneak Attacks, Dire Blessing and Minor Avatar should be pretty cool with that sword.


Paladin: Island Aumaua Bleak Walker with 4 arquebuses for 2 FoDs and 1 Runner's WS, then Pliambo per Casitàs for marking + Coordinated Attacks and the occasional Envenomed Strike.


Please try an Island Aumaua wizard with 4 blunderbusses and Expose Vulnerabilites + Combusting Wounds, usind DR bypass as much as possible with Pen. Shot and Ryona's Vembr. It's a great single target shooter and still can deal lots of AoE damage with spells. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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