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Why Not Just Removing Character Nicknames?

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...If they can't fix the nickname system. It's been bugged for 3 months. No one seems to be working on it. Meanwhile players continue to have problems and continue to email them. Has anyone ever gotten response and/or help from them? I sure didn't. There are people on Steam who said they asked for help months ago but never even gotten an acknowledgement.


And now every time I log in my roster is clustered with characters I've deleted and/or lost due to the bug. I can't do anything but delete them over and over and over again. It's maddening.


Just remove the nicknaming function and be done with it.


PS. Is there a way to completely wipe my save on Steam without losing all the bonus that came with the Obsidian edition? My save is so bugged I don't want it any more.

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Hmmm... I have 4 croups and each have nick names and no problems. Nick names has been there from the Beginning and They worked even in beta stage. So if there is problems They Are new.

The easies solution would be not allowing character to be moved between different croups. Then individual characters could be named based on the croup They belong to.


The bigger problem would/will be multiplayer, where every character has to be individually named/identified. Ofcourse that would require that we will get multiplayer in sometime in the future.

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The nickname system seems to work like a filename. If that is the case, they won't be able to do away with it. Each filename must be unique, hence the need for a unique nickname for each character. The only way to do away with the nicknames is if you are only allowed to have one copy of a given character at a time. I don't think that is a good tradeoff.

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