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Cant seem to get a Minor Adventure for the life of me. Saved before turning in a quest which gives me an adventure at the stronghold but no matter how many times I reload I only get an Average adventure. Prestige is only at 8 right now. I would think I would get a minor adventure by now. Going on over 20 reloads. Are the adventures already set by turn? Does reloading before an adventure help?

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No one quite knows how exactly all things over at the Stronghold work, but based on what we know thanks to some inquisitive folks it's safe to say that reloading right before you can trigger an adventure doesn't affect much on its own. The rolls are generally done some time in advance, and the only thing you could change at this point is to try to temporarily lower your prestige further (but a few points less may not do anything if your die rolls were sufficiently high, anyway; I don't think prestige can go to negative values either). 


Here is the link to the thread/post that deals with this aspect in more detail: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85392-caed-nua-adventures-how-what-level-when/?do=findComment&comment=1832708.

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