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So I'm starting up a new playthrough. I'm going for a DW Fighter build, probably something similar to the Siegebreaker Fighter in the sticky. 


I'm aiming for the following party: 


PC Fighter

Pallegina (Tanky fire damage build)

Maneha (Novice Suffering unarmed build)

Hiravias (Something like the Bat**** Tank build)

Sagani (Stormcaller) 


Final slot is either Aloth or a custom Priest of Berath. I just can't stand Durance anymore. He was great first time around, now he's just tiresome.


So, any advice? 


Given my party line-up and what I have access to, I'm thinking the Priest would be more useful. Between a Fighter with Lore and spellholding items, Hiravias, and Stunning Shots, I'm thinking I've got enough CC. Between basically everyone in the party, I think I have all forms of DPS covered. So I guess support is what I'm really missing? Pallegina can do some good stuff with Auras and Liberating Exhortation, but it's power just doesn't match up to Devotions of the Faithful etc. 


On the other hand... I'm kinda bored with Priests? Maybe that's just because I've been playing mostly Durance? I don't know. 


Sorry to be kinda rambling. I guess it comes down to: what's your experience of custom Priests vs Durance? 

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Fun priest of Berath: max MIG, skilled for Great Sword use, get Tidefall and combine with Devotions, Champion's Boon and Minor Avatar. Since nobody else of your crew wants to use Tidefall this is the perfect place for it. It's wounding enchantments gains so much from very high MIG and a priest of Berath has great ACC with it. Also the combo of Tidefall + Cleansing Flame is awesome.


Sure, melee only distracts from casting - but this was so much fun... :)


Other approach: same skilling, but using any other priest (like Skaen) and pick Forgemaster's Gloves/Firebrand for the occasional melee session. Works with Weapon Focus and also priest's special ACC talents since it's a summoned weapon.

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