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Goblins DLC -- Cannot continue after scenario 1


I encountered a pretty bad bug after completing the first scenario of the Goblins DLC. It's preventing me from continuing the game. I'm playing on PC / Steam.


After completing the scenario, I received a skill feat, then a card feat. Several of my characters chose to take an extra blessing. In the deck building screen, however, the collection doesn't have any blessings in it, so I can't continue.


You can see everything here:




Any workarounds or patches to resolve this would be most appreciated!

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Not specifically related to the goblins expansion... but...

[Not enough blessings to complete deck management]

I have completed an adventure in deck 3 (it was about Fort Rannick), and was sorting through the cards my party has acquired. I got to the point where everyone's cards were back to the correct count by type and the decks were the right size, except that one character needs another blessing. There are no extra blessings in the sideboard. I assume that the "proceed" arrow is supposed to allow me to go to a different window where I can choose a blessing from "the box" as would be permitted in the tabletop game, but this is not happening. The proceed arrow is greyed out and my team is stuck in the deck management window. I can esc to the main menu, but if I "continue" and return to my party, the deck management process restarts with the same result.  


Is this a bug? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a workaround?

Hi there this is a known bug, and is fixed in the upcoming patch. Please send an email to support@obsidian.net with your username or PFID and we'll help you out.

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