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So, I finally managed to do both the Triple Crown Solo and Frozen Crown Solo using @Wodjee's guide which can be found here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miTjrBLDaQ4. I followed most of this guide to the letter, but did a couple of easy xp quests before Act 3 and thus was always half a level ahead. It made sense to me at the time, but it did not really matter as the Wodjee's run really is extremely well planned.


This is now my second completed POTD solo playthrough. I have managed this with the Frozen Lance and with this Rogue. My third run is with a Druid who is currently level 16 and kicking butt, however, I find both the aforementioned classes stronger. May revise this once I complete my solo run with the Druid, but he just seems to lack the ability to take down the toughest enemies.


Compared to the Frozen Lance, the Rogue was an extreme glass cannon. Where a wizard has options when things go wrong, I found that this particular build had very few options. Unless you have an escape plan or a way out, then it is very easy to die in record time. Shadowing Beyond is a great escape mechanism, but there are some fights where it doesn't help at all. However, when things go right, they go right in a big way.


I have also reviewed all of Tod Wilkinson's run for ideas for my own Ultimate run (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRrP5mqwU0U&list=PLiyQ3-dkh2sRIhbJMnCp9ihRC8mV0k5XO). I don't know if I will copy Wodjee's Ultimate run, as there were certain sections that were really cutting it close and I survived with Second Chance more than once. Tod Wilkinson seemed to survive much better even if he made bad tactical decisions as the wizard just had more tactical options available. Quite amazing to see how the approaches differ, but by using the strong areas of both runs, I am sure it will make the Ultimate somewhat easier to achieve.

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