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Didn't Receive Card Reward + Other Bugs



Running the game through Steam, Windows 10 in the Goblins campaign.


The problem I have is that I didn't receive the Burn Everything card reward despite beating all scenarios on legendary.


Other bugs:

- Goblin Commando ally when used on a ranged combat check (for me it was always Ranzak), will change the skill used from Ranged to Dexterity - if you didn't notice the change, this would lead to a lower roll


- In the final scenario, the Stupid Longshanks barrier is especially deadly because each Longshanks Hero defeated through it also adds to the +2 increased difficulty to complete the mission. Is this intended?


- Poog's Shot in the Arm ability only allows a single companion to be selected when it triggers. The fact that performing another action/roll in the same turn (without triggering the ability) causes the icon to light up again and allow a second companion to be selected suggests that this is a bug.


- (non-Goblins) When Graul Ogrekin henchman's ability is triggered (roll to select power), it can get stuck (can't remember more details, sorry) - forcing a concede to continue progression.



PFID - 9C9D6473457AC213

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