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Transfer Saved Game from PoE 2.4 to 3.0



This topic probably exists—and my apologies for asking again, but after a search and some digging I either overlooked it accidentally or just didn't dig far enough.

I have started a game on a friend's Mac with his copy of PoE, and then decided to purchase my own and transfer the game. Unfortunately, I then realized that his version was and my version was 3.0.4...and I have not been able to find any way to open or transfer that savegame file. Is there a method/trick to making this happen, or am I out of luck.


Thanks in advance, and again...sorry if this already exists and I just missed it.

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You are also playing on a Mac, right? Perhaps it's implied, but best not to assume too much. What problems are you running into, exactly? I.e. not being able to locate the correct savegame files, transferred savegame files not showing up in your game, not knowing where to put them folders-wise, something else? 


Even if it ends up working, be warned that it might result in potential unexpected/unpredictable bugs and corrupted saves down the line. It's been quite a few patches since (not just minor ones), and at least from my experience PoE isn't too great at handling files from older versions of the game. But I could be wrong too, don't think there's been many accounts of this particular situation being tested. 

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