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Creature stats from game files



Is it easy to access creature stats, abilities etc from the game files, or do I have to install Unity and mess about in there? That would be rather tricky/impossible, because I'm on a Linux system.


It would be needed for doing big changes to the wiki, which for some reason doesn't have creature pages yet.

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Unity3D itself also installs to Linux nowadays.


But I guess you'd only need a decompiler for Mono/C#. Don't know if there's something decent for Linux that can open the game object files. I never tried.


You should write a PM to MaxQuest. He knows exactly what to do - at least with Windows I think.


Creature values can be taken from the journal->bestiary in the game as well. As far as I know that's up to date.

There is a console command to unlock all entries if I'm not mistaken.


Edit: it's "unlockbestiary".


So, open the console, type "iroll20s", hit enter, open console again, type "unlockbestiary", hit enter and you'll have most of the info you need I guess.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thank you. Took a while until I figured out how to launch the console, had to re-assign the shortcut because it was impossible to use whatever BackQuote is on my keyboard. But the commands you wrote worked like a charm, so I could use that for the key statistics at least. Won't know about loot and weapons and so forth, but it's a fine start so thanks :) It worked for POTD too (which I've never dared play).


Maybe Unity Asset Bundle Extractor (UABE) could be used for this, but kinda doubt I can get it working on Linux. But if Unity comes for Linux now, that might be a good option -- if it's actually possible to open the game files without jumping through too many hoops. Do you know which version of Unity is used for the game?

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Found a Linux build and installed it, registered, and tried to open some game files, but I can't it to work. I suppose they are protected by rows of barbed wire.


Would have made it a good deal easier if I had direct access to the files. But maybe it would be difficult to get to the info I need anyway. Unity doesn't exactly look like plain sailing. It's a program for professionals, not casual newbs, hah.


Another thing I would have liked, is to take much better pictures of creatures and items, if that is possible in Unity. But since I can't open anything... :(

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