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Question about Ondra(SPOILERS)

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Hello fellow PoEers. Have a quick if non-significant question, that's been bugging me. I searched but never really found a definite answer.

At the end of The Rising Tide quest you get to have a conversation with Ondra. She at one point states some things about npcs the PC has met throughout Defiance Bay in a vague manner. One of them is this exact line: "Or the young woman who committed herself to Brackenberry for love of things she remembered she had". 

The other is:"Or the Glanfathan boy for whom an old medallion was worth more then all the fruits of his labor".

My guess is Serel and Dalton(in that order), but I'm probably way wrong :ermm: . Anyways if anyone could shed some light I would really appreciate it.

It's just tormenting the hell out of me!

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The first is the woman you can talk to in the lower floor of Brackenbury Sanatorium. She stands near the entrance of the central hall (not north ward). She got awakened and rememberes a past life where she was rich and fancy. This made her life sour.


The second is Serel's compagnon (forgot the name) whom you can find in the Charred Barrel and who gives you the quest to get back his glanfathan/engwythan amulet from Serel.

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Ok I remember now. There are just so many npcs you meet in this adventure. It's hard to remember all of them. 

How can I miss that about Serel's boyfriend? :facepalm: It threw me off cause at the end of "A voice from the past" there is also a medallion involved.

Anyways, thank you Boeroer!

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