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  1. Hi there fellas. Just would like to say this is still happening in 2017. Latest patch(3.06) still happening. I have both WMI&II installed. I actually went to Dyrford 1st and had started "Blood Legacy" and "A Farmer's Plight", but opted out to go try the WM expansions(&finished both) before going back to finish the Dyrford quests. Maybe this has something to do with it. Anyway don't know if Obsidian is still patching PoE still or just have moved on to Deadfire completely. Just wanted to let people know it's still happening
  2. Ok I remember now. There are just so many npcs you meet in this adventure. It's hard to remember all of them. How can I miss that about Serel's boyfriend? It threw me off cause at the end of "A voice from the past" there is also a medallion involved. Anyways, thank you Boeroer!
  3. Hello fellow PoEers. Have a quick if non-significant question, that's been bugging me. I searched but never really found a definite answer. At the end of The Rising Tide quest you get to have a conversation with Ondra. She at one point states some things about npcs the PC has met throughout Defiance Bay in a vague manner. One of them is this exact line: "Or the young woman who committed herself to Brackenberry for love of things she remembered she had". The other is:"Or the Glanfathan boy for whom an old medallion was worth more then all the fruits of his labor". My guess is Serel and Dalt
  4. Hi don't mean to bump an older thread, but was just wondering if this bug has been fixed. I am experiencing the same with this armor(Elryn's Jacket) as I equipped it on Durance and he is in the middle of my party casting buffs/debuffs. As soon as Eyestrike goes off my whole party gets blinded . On the same topic(I think) my chanter Kana is equipped with Silver Flash blunderbuss. The gun grants Blind on a hit or crit and it also has blinded some of my other companions. Not sure if that's intended or not. EDIT: Sorry have to ninja edit this. Looking at it closer the only npc that got blind
  5. Yes it probably has a lot to do with the limitations of Unity. Even though I think they used the same engine for Deadfire right? At least Deadfire looks a bit better graphically then PoE. Grass and trees swaying in the wind, dynamic weather, better lighting, and even cloaks and necklaces
  6. Sorry then. My bad. Yes emoticons help. I had a real ****ty day at work yesterday, which obviously didn't help my mood Back to the post though. I doubt there are any mods for the whole cloak/necklace situation anyways; would have seen it on Nexus/Google. Oh well just gonna drop the whole thing, and wait out for Deadfire. It looks fantastic very promising
  7. Well I'm dry heaving by this point!.....maybe you should get over yourself. Seriously Boerer. Came off a little aggressive there. I too am a fan of Obsidian and PoE but criticism can be constructive
  8. BUMP!!!!! It's been over 2 years and still no mods? Can't be IMPOSSIBLE to make this happen. Please telll me someone came up with a solution./ Every time I fire up PoE I get so sucked into it's awesomeness...until I look at Durance without his cloak. It seriously makes me wanna vomit(this horrible decision by Obsidian)
  9. I must've watched that video 5 times now but never even noticed it. Thank you for pointing it out. That is seriously some good news!!! .....Josh is hillarious
  10. Hi dudes and dudets. Don't know if this has been suggested already but please for the love of all that's good and holy let us wear cloaks with necklaces/pendants. About the only thing that irritated me in PoE 1 was this. I simply love the look of my entire party wearing cloaks. I know the whole buff stats stack thing. Whatever man. Just implement it so the character only gets buffs from one of the 2 items, even if it's only for aesthetic purposes. I mean in Skyrim it was possible(still is;) to wear both. IRL one can wear both. It just doesn't make sense that we shouldn't be able to do so in Po
  11. I created an account here just to confirm this issue. The Nagasaki dissapeared from my menu as well. Don't really have a save to go back to either. It's a slight inconvenience to say the least. If it helps out mine dissapeared right after I used it in the sewers( to free the "Crab People"). This sucks! No one has an answer:(
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