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Many thanks for the Rice of Goblins

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Many thanks for the Rice of Goblins!

I have had fun of seing all new conversation and other Goblin stuff. It is different than season of Goblins and, well maybe even better so, because for a long time i have not had faintest idea what those Little vermins Are upp the next time ;)

Really waiting for the next dls with even more Goblin stuff!


I am guite sure that I have been a Goblin in my previous life...

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I'm also enjoying Rise of the Goblins. Too bad OBS only released AD1 and haven't given a shadow of a hint how long till AD2. Well, I for one, will not be holding my breath.

Anyone who was around for AD4 will share this sentiment...

For amusement value I have achieved Poogception, my Poog has a Poog Ally

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I think that They say They will release ad1 and ad2 for the Goblins. So it will be mini season most likely. But I would not mind if it would continue even longer. But who has seen level 3 Goblin? It would the chief and too lazy to go adventuring himself, or dead allready ;)

So most likely the next Goblin set will be the last.

The good thing is that we newer have to wait for ad3,ad4 and so on because it will newer happen :)

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