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Adventures bugs - Goblins - version

Matsu Kurisu


Playing the Goblin path, with Poog, Raznak, G.Ezren, G.Valeros.
iPad mini iOS 10.3.2
App version VER-1017-20170802
Pass & Play = Off
Permadeath = Off

Improved Find Traps
* Only works on own checks. Should be playable on anyones check vs barrier

Blessing of Zongal / Dance of Sneally Zord
* Does not provide 2d on check vs Sneally. Should do as Sneally has animal trait

Raznak evade
*  Raznak evade sometimes evades to himself. Power wording is any other character


Raznak evade vs Sherriff Hemlock
*  Raznak and G.Valeros are together. Raznak encounters Sherriff Hemlock and successfully evades before Sherriff Hemlock's Before You Act check. Valeros encounters Sherriff Hemlock and goes directly to combat skipping Sherriff Hemlock's Before You Act check.


There are others I found, will add more as I remember them, find them again

Edited by Matsu Kurisu


Playing with

iPad mini 4th Gen iOS 10.3.3

Primary party


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