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Seem to be stuck on editing deck screen.



I am playing on andriod version 6.01.I had just finished the first scenario and chose to start another. But what happened was I was sent to a screen with the two characters I got from the tutorials with exclamations above there heads and a tab at the bottom of the screen with another tab with unclaimed cards.I tried putting the cards in their decks,but I cant. I backed out of the screen to start another scenario, but I am sent back to the same screen. I don't know what to do next to get past this deck editing screen.

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Do you have too Many cards in your characters?

If there is that exclamination mark it means that character has too Many or too few cards in certain category. Check each card type and remove those cards that you have too Many. Then you can proceed to next stage by pressin arrow in the right where you add cards if you have too few.


For example you can have a character that does not have any weapons in her normal deck but have found one during the adventure. You have to remove that weapon from the deck.

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