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Injuries only cured by resting at an inn

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Just an idea.....


IMO there is no feel of importance when a character gets so badly injured that the character drops out of fight.In so many fights I feel laxness when I see a character ready to drop while I am winning the encounter.Since I will need to use a camping supply anyway to reset their abilities I just let em drop and click on the rest button and voila.Injuries really don't add as much tension as I feel they could but if injuries needed an Inn to mend then tension would be ramped up.


Traps will sting and force players to really keep an eye out for them.


Injuries from zero endurance should not happen every time a character drops to zero but rather a chance for an injury to happen depending on say being hit by a critical is what drops the character.

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It's not as easy when you play on higher difficulties. I don't know what difficulty you're playing on, but on Hard you only get two camping supply slots. So when you're out and about, or in a dungeon, camping is not as willy-nilly as it is on lower difficulties. I mean, yeah, you could leave the dungeon you're in, go back to an inn, and come back after your rest. But that's a lot of work and not really fun. When you have so few camping supplies, sometimes you have to just deal with the injuries you have.

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