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[] Blessing of Nethys Bug



Whenever I use a Blessing of Nethys and use it to encounter a henchman I have to encounter the henchman twice in immediate succession. I have seen this happen on multiple occasions and during multiple different adventures.


As an example, I was playing 6-5 on Hard and Seelah played a Blessing of Nethys. I put a Warden of Runes on top of the encounter deck, which is then immediately encountered. Seelah, Lem, Lini and Valeros each get a BYA check as expected. Then Seelah gets a combat check, as expected. However, after passing this check, Lem then gets a BYA check again, followed by Lini and Valeros. Seelah is then presented with another combat check.


This happened twice. The first time I passed the second combat check and the Warden of Runes was banished. The second time I failed the second combat check and the Warden of Runes was shuffled back into the deck.

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