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Priest and disposition

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Hello, I have a question about disposition and priest.


I am thinking of playing a priest of Berath. I want to play a priest, but want to be able to have decent melee for easy encounters and stragglers. I also like that it has corrode symbol, which as I read will be good for fire resistant mobs. My question is will I be able to get the gift from the machine and effigy talents or will this screw me because it gives cruel dispositions?


My second option would be Magran. I actually like Magran a lot more lorewise. I think it's funny to worship a whore as a priest :D And it gives no penalties to cruel and deceptive so I can get the talents.


I would pick it but Berath has the corrode symbol and maces and greatswords.


So what should I do?

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If you want to combine Great Sword and Magran - it's possible. Just pick up the Forgemaster's Gloves from Dunstan at Crucible Keep (do their initial quest first, finding the research about Forge Knights, this one will NOT lock you out from the other factions). Forgemaster's Gloves will summon Firebrand 3/rest. Firebrand works with any Weapon Focus and also works with Inspring Flame since it's an universal weapon like soulbound weapons.

With a priest you can use self buffs like Minor Avatar and pick all the talents that benefit two handed weapons (Savage Attack, Two Handed Styple and whatnot). The good thing about Firebrand (besides the things I listed above) is that it:
a) has very high base damage (much higher than the usual great sword) and thus likes any kind of damage bonus - including high MIG
b) works with Scion of Flame, giving it +20% damage
c) has Annihilation, which means it deals +100% base damage on a cirt instead of +50%. Nice with that high base damage and nice with the absurd ACC buffs a priest can stack (Inspiring Radiance + Devotions + Blessing stack), leading to a lot of crits. The hit-to-crit conversion soell is also nice in this case.
d) what fits a priest of Magran better than a sword that's made of flames?

The bad things are:
1) only one damage type (burn)
2) not enchantable
3) only 3/rest

2) is somewhat ok since it works with Scion of Flame. Other great sword do not.
3) is also ok because you won't use the melee option all the time.

I did a playthrough with Durance + Firebrand (and an arquebus for the opening shot) and it worked really well. I used Runner's Wounding Shot as my only special attack, It's very good with hard hitting weapons like arquebus and Firebrand.



I also did a playthrough with a priest of Berath + Tidefall. Since wounding profits from high MIG (it then does more than 25% wounding damage) and a priest can buff his MIG into the sky, this seemed like a nice combo. And it totally is. The powerful thing is that DoT effects like wounding, Envenomed Strike and Runner's Wounding Shot get pushed a lot by Cleansing Flame. So that was my approach when fighting bosses: Minor Avatar + Envenomed Strike + Cleasing Flame + Runner's Wounding Shot. This obliterates nearly everything.


So, both are totally viable and surprisingly powerful. I gave both Veteran's Recovery. This makes the somewhat squishy priest a lot more sturdy without wasting time for casting healing spells on yourself.

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Thanks both options sound nice. And veteran's recovery seems like a good idea since priest is not exactly starved for talents (at least I think so?)


I was also considering something based on your skaen build, but I don't really wanna RP being so evil.


But what if I want to pick Berath. How is the cruel disposition going to affect me if I pick the gift from the machine and the effigy resentment? Should I do them or skip them?

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Totally forgot to write about that. :)


I personally wouldn't use a talent point for Untroubled Faith - but of course you can do that to prevent the malus.


You could also use a hireling for that priest build. It's not the same as being the MC of course - but at least you don't have to fiddle around with dispositions.

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