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Very confusing story progression. Please Help!



Ok I hope this is the correct place to ask this. I just made this account as I couldn't find the answer I was looking for on google.


So I got to the point where I reached and explored Copperlane then I tried to do as many side quest (in that given area) thus going into every building, talking to every npc, etc. Then I proceeded to the Catacombs. So far everything seemed fine. But then after I explored it fully i proceeded down the stairs to Temple of Woedica and literaly have no clue wtf is going on. This "Older Robed Man" who I saw in the very start of the game appeared out of nowhere and started asking me questions which I had no clue what the hell he was talking about. It felt like ether im forgetting something/havent payed attention during some quest or I skipped some important part to transition to this mission. Who are these people down there?(no spoiler pls but am i there too early) Why did my character react as if it was normal?


Please if someone knows what im forgetting tell me (i really like this game and how it has been progressing until the last 2-3min of my gameplay) or if im not supposed to be here yet tell me where is the missing part that I have skipped.

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The older robed man is a vision from a past life of yours. It's not supposed to make any sense - yet. See it as a puzzle.


You should know by now that you are a Watcher and that you became awakened. This old man is the same whom you met right after the first dungeon in Cilant Lis. The guy who operated that strange machine.


I guess you haven't fully read all the text and dialogues?

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Ahhh ok i see so the answers are basicly me creating my past life.. Thanks now Its much more clear. I was confused because I was made to answer about my past life without me ever coming across any info on what it might be.

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