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Fighter Knockdown Accuracy incorrect for 1handed



Was trying this build and i had a lvl 2 fighter with 50 ACC getting a 40 ACC in the knockdown vs fort check everytime.  The ACC is correct when it comes to the hit and deflection.  I change to a 2hander and all ACC values are correct.  I cant figure out how to get pics of steam cause i screen shoted it can someone else test this out?


I know its late in the game and something like this likely wont get fixed.

Have gun will travel.

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It may be that everything is correct. One handed wielding may be coded in a way that it only affects the initial hit roll against deflection. The second roll against fortitude is not affected. And it makes sense (kind of): You can hit critical spots more easily, but it's not easier to topple enemies over with a single weapon. But why -10 ACC and not -12? Hm, weird... You should get +2 ACC for the initial deflection check and also the fort check because of level 2.


To check this, you could use a weapon with overbearing and see if the "prone on crit" effect which also gets rolled against fort works the same - or if it gets the +12 ACC.


Could also be that this is a bug. Not unlikely, right? ;)

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