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Account Sync is completely screwed up.



I bought the android version a year back and ended up spending a lot of legit cash on it. I also picked up a bunch of bonus chests during a humble bundle. When I found out I could transfer my progress to the steam version I lept and bought it.


Well, it's all ♥♥♥♥ed. I opened up the steam game and did the account sync, but I'm having a few problems. If I log in on the steam account I have all of my old progress, my cards/unopened chests/dice/characters/etc. But I don't have any of the Steam DLC, including access to the alternate characters since I never had those on my phone. I also didn't get the 5k gold.


So if I restart the game it'll load up without me being signed in. I don't have any of my progress but I *do* have all of the DLC stuff from the Ambassator program. I can make the alternate characters, I've got 5k gold, but the game is otherwise fresh. 


What did I do wrong? How do I fix this? And will I have to log into the servers every single time or is there a way for the game to remember it?


Please help. I love this game, but this is awful.


Relevant details: PC, Steam edition, NatureMage #4157 (not logged in), PFID - 6527F29C5FCB31DF (not logged in), NatureMage #5980 (logged in), PFID-E7360E256B15B493

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