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Black Fang: apparent bug involving Ancient Skeletons



Playing through Steam on a PC
Permadeath not on. not sure what pass&play is

Black Fang at normal difficulty
Party of fighter, rogue, wizard, ranger... if it matters, the cleric and druid are sitting this one out; the rogue, wizard, and ranger have all completed Black Fang previously

Twice now I have had a character defeat an Ancient Skelteton. Then I get some side things to roll for, this second time it was to recharge the spell that killed the skeleton... and then the Ancient Skeleton returns to be fought again, by the same character.

It is not that I have two characters at that location, but I think there is a bug here that makes the game think I have two characters present.


(Posting purely to be helpful.  I'll probably win the scenario anyway, and even if I don't I'll just restart it with a different combo of characters.  I've had no technical problems the other times I played Black Fang.)

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