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Character disappeared after forfeit





So I stupidly forfeited on the last battle, right before the end when I knew I was going to lose, not realizing that it prevents those characters from continuing their journey.  As bad as that was, my wizard character I had decked out, just disappeared from the characters I had made.  I returned the create a party screen, and only my thief and druid were in the party. Not sure what triggered the disappearance unfortunately, but thought I'd let ya'll know incase you can find the culprit quickly



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contact support@obsidian.net with your User ID (username #xxxx), And ask if They can find you Wizard from the server. They need info about the nick Name and croup I supose.

But this is a bug so it is good tho have this info for it. Add the device that you Are using. It may affect the reason why bug was happening in the first place.

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