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  1. Hi, So I stupidly forfeited on the last battle, right before the end when I knew I was going to lose, not realizing that it prevents those characters from continuing their journey. As bad as that was, my wizard character I had decked out, just disappeared from the characters I had made. I returned the create a party screen, and only my thief and druid were in the party. Not sure what triggered the disappearance unfortunately, but thought I'd let ya'll know incase you can find the culprit quickly Cheers
  2. So I have just finished the tutorial on my first save. I picked my characters, changed their cards, using all the special cards I had received from chests and completing the tutorial. Clicked finished and then it returned me to pick a party screen, no sign of my characters, and I could not do anything. Force close the game. Open up, return to save, go to character cards, and all the special cards I equipped are gone, no longer in my stash or anywhere. So Far I have lost all my special cards except one. Would appreciate some kind of in game compensation, and in the mean time I am going to wait on continuing. Thanks for any help edit: in game id: sectbrn #6938
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