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Question on deleting and reinstalling PA app





For the community, thinking about deleting and reinstalling the app on my iPad to clear up a crash issue I'm having. Has anyone else deleted and reinstalled the app before? When you did that, did the newly installed app keep all your purchases, etc?


My biggest concern concern with deleted and installing again is losing the $25 I paid for all content....plus the gold I've amassed. Is this info kept in the cloud and then retrieved when you reinstalled the app?


Thanks, Ian

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You should be totally fine. I've deleted and reinstalled plenty of times without loss on iOS.


Worst-case, the game will forget about all the helpful tooltips it has shown you will need to go to the Settings menu and turn them back off.


As long as you sign back in with the same account you will be fine.


Edit: Yes, just about everything is stored in the cloud. The only real things that arent are app settings and which pop-up windows it has shown you.

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