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This may be minor or too gamey or whatever, but I wish I could either create categories for character skills and especially spells like "CC abilities", "direct damage abilities", healing abilities" instead of constantly re-reading through every spell through every level to find what I need.

Or maybe the ability to put some sort of symbol icon on abilities and let me tag them myself (put a "+" icon on healing/curing ailment spells, etc).

Anyone else want something like this? I just found it mildly frustrating hunting through spell levels for my casters sometimes, especially when I KNEW the healing spell I needed was in level 2 but now I have to re-read them all because I can't remember the icon.

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They can have the ability icons color-coded as an alternative. Healing abilities can have green background, debuffs purple, damage dealing orange and so on. That would have been helpfull too without having you put icons on each spell single-handedly.

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