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Pathfinder Adventures Community FAQ (Living)

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Hail Adventurers!


We've been getting a lot of feedback and questions from you all, so we drafted up this FAQ to help address a majority of those questions!


Q: How long do I have to enroll in the Pathfinder Ambassador Program?

A: The window to enroll in the Pathfinder Ambassador Program will close on on August 1st, 2017 at 12:00AM PDT.


Q: When does the 10% Steam Coupon Expire?

A: The 10% off coupon expires on July 31st, 2017 at 12:00 AM PDT.


Q: Will there be future opportunities for me to upgrade my account to the Obsidian Edition?

A: We are considering this, but at this time we have no immediate plans for an upgrade beyond the Ambassador Program. If you qualify for the Ambassador Program and want to acquire Pathfinder Adventures on Steam, we encourage you to act before August 1st, 2017.


Q: I can’t see all of the dice I’m supposed to have. What can I do?

A: Relaunch the game. 


We have an auditing process that is triggered every time the game is launched with the player logged in.  When it comes to the DLC a lot of calls were being made to the PlayFab servers to grant the licenses for all the cards, alts, dice, etc. If the internet connection is spotty or interrupted, the PlayFab server were overwhelmed, or any other reason why the content wasn't completed the audit process would find it and grant it.  To keep from timing out the PlayFab servers we limited the number of calls and it could take a few relaunching attempts to get all the content.  


We have a patch coming out in the near future that will grant the licenses faster and not require relaunching of the app multiple times but until comes out this is the surest way to make sure your content is streamed in.


Q: How many dice am I supposed to get from this promo? 

A: You get a total of 6 sets of dice.

  • 6x Fiery Core
  • 6x Gaudian Blue
  • 6x Typhoon
  • 6x Edge of Sunset
  • 6x Edge of Sunrise
  • 6x Edge of Midnight


Q: I can’t see the Pillars of Eternity promo cards. Where are they?

A: They are there but you will likely see them in your Unclaimed tab in your Deck Management screen.  Simply move them to your stash and you will be able to use them immediately.


There is an issue, that will soon be addressed, where Promo cards are not showing up in the Collection screen. They are available for use in your decks immediately.


Q: I see the Pillars of Eternity cards in my stash / unclaimed, but not in my collection. Why?

A: We need to flag Promo cards as visible whether you own the Promo.  It will let people know where they come from and not be an invisible card in your collection.


Q: Where are the 8 runes and 21 charms I was supposed to get in the Obsidian Edition?

A:  Runes/Charms are one of the first things granted from the DLC.  If a relaunching of the app still does not show the content (listed below) as present, please send us your PFID (found at the bottom of the Options>Settings menu) to support@obsidian.net.  There could be a failure from the servers and we will manually make sure you get your content.

  • Rune Starter Pack
    • Rune of Wealth (24 h) x 1
    • Rune of Savagery (12 h) x 2
    • Rune of Wonder (25 Chests) x 1
    • Rune of Shielding (12 h) x 2
    • Rune of Pilfering (12 h) x 2
  • Charm Starter Pack
    • Soul Soap X 1
    • Spyglass X 5
    • Scroll of Guidance X 5
    • Scroll of Aid X 4
    • Prayer Beads X 3
    • Holy Candle X 1
    • Scroll of Cure X 2


Q: I created an Asmodee account and when I log in, all of my data is gone. What should I do?

A: The Asmodee login associates itself to a PFID.  If an issue arises while it is linking to a PFID it can associate itself with a new PFID which is considered a new account and it would appear that all your content is gone (it isn't).  If you are not logged in to Asmodee all of your content could appear like normal.  Being logged into Asmodee is not a requirement to have access to your content nor to play Pathfinder Adventures.  Rather, it is a cross-promotion account so that you have access to other Asmodee games and those other games can be pointed towards Pathfinder.


If for some reason you are forced to login to Asmodee and never have access to the proper PlayFab account, we can unlink the account from your PFID, then the next time you log in you will automatically load in like normal and if you with to associate your Asmodee account with the proper PFID you can do it then.


Q: I’m trying to link my PFID by following your instructions, but it doesn’t appear. What’s going on?

A: We have noticed that if you're unable to login via Steam that the Steam client may be out of date. All you need to do is force close and restart Steam, then launch the game again. You should be able to login and see your PFID.


Q: I linked my Steam account and now my collection is gone, what gives?

A: The process of merging multiple devices may have been interrupted.  This could have been on the server side, a poor connection, or even a loss of power. If you have relaunched the game and there is still no collection please contact support with your PFID (found at the bottom of the OPTIONS>SETTINGS menu) and we will look into the account.


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