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Stash reads 10/10 with only one card in it



My stash seems to be all messed up.

Right now it reads 10/10 and there is only one card in it.

I've only played 2 adventures. At the end of the second

I actually got stuck with my stash reading 14/10 with no more cards to delete.

I had to quit out of the game and it went back to 10/10.


I tried delete/re-install after this last patch, no luck on fix.


Just running Android version, no merge.

Player ID jpeg9000 #9483


As I've only just stared the game, I'd be perfectly happy with a re-set.

I've no idea if I was forced to sell stuff I wanted out of stash to fix the numbers.


Thanks for your help,


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Update 7/2

Patched game.

Deleted Party. 

Ran through new Tutorial.

Created New Party.


STILL Stash = 10/10 with only 1 card showing.

I don't really want to start playing until this gets fixed.

Thank You,



Hi jpeg9000 and hind3nburg,


you should be fixed now. There seems to be a bug with trying to add tutorial cards to your stash.. The other 9 slots were filled with cards from the tutorial which appeared invisible. Or it could be a bug with the game marking the cards as tutorial cards? We'll explore this further and fix this in a future patch. Thanks guys :)


To all those affected, please pm me your pfid or username

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