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Best ranged classes/builds (and some rambling)

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I've been playing a melee wizard, and recently dismissed Aloth from the party (making room for Pallegina) because I was beginning to see little point in him.


Perhaps I'm judging too quickly.  When I played Pillars years ago, I actually remember him being quite useful as a ranged spell-thrower (I was playing on "normal" difficulty back then).  Now he feels like a liability more than anything, since he's always getting attacked by flanking enemies.  Since I'm playing on "hard" of course, I can only rest twice, which might be making me a bit more reserved about using his spells frequently (which could be a big part of the problem).  Some of the best spells need special positioning to be cast effectively (like the flame cone spell), which are risky to maneuver Aloth into.  Enemies regularly disengage from whichever party member they happen to be fighting, just to run over and squish him whenever he's around.  Then, obviously, there's the redundancy of him being the second wizard in the party.


Got any thoughts on Aloth?


While we're at it, should I drop Sagani once I'm done with her Persoq quest?  She's not much of a heavy hitter herself.



Naturally, this is leaving me thinking:  Should I want a ranged character?  If there is a strong choice for that role, who (and of what class/build) would that character be?

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I think there are two issues. You need to make your front guys better at dps (so that they are more of a target, not saying you are making full tanks but if you are then dont are at least only have one tank and no more) and have your wizard use more CC instead of damage spells. Ranged characters are fine i generally have 2 or 3 so something like wizard, priest, ranger or cipher, priest, chanter. I mean almost anyone can be ranged. Also if they break your font line, try to have your animal companion or another back line character aggro the enemy and run away with your wizard. Animal companions are good for this or even like Druid. So if a druid is in your party and he is ranged or reach weapon, if an enemy break the spirit shift him to go and aggro that enemy.


Your back line wizard should control the battle field while your front line one can do the damage spells or better yet have both of them through out some CCs spells (the battle should be on lock down especially with some of the later spells). This is the best strength of the wizard. They have killer CC that turns encounters into killing fields. Wizards are probably one of the strongest if not the strongest class (And i hate wizards in concept in most fantasy games even this one i dont love wizards but recognize their utility). For instance stop using Aloth for fan of flames and start using spells like Chill Fog (although not CC but blinds enemies) and Slicken which are way OP for level one spells for what they do and how useful they are later in the game.  Your ranged wizard could also use weapons to help with CC so giving Gyrd Háewanes Sténes to yoru wizard which has a chance to cast dominate and combined with Blast talent it just not fair.


There are probably some players that have more specific advice. I generally play on hard and once you get a handle on CC from all kinds of classes you can own the battle field. For instance you could charm the enemy that breaks the line with a cipher or use your priest stuck spells to stop the enemy so you can move your wizard away from them. And all these tactics are level 1 tactics so you dont even need high level party to accomplish. Druids have charm and paralyze beast type creature early or better when they get Returning Storm and Relentless Storm they can lock down enemies really good.


Another way to go is to keep everyone hidden until the enemies aggro your front line. This helps with the initial part of the battle although i tend to throw out CC before the battle event starts so this wouldn't always be the way to go.


Ranger are my favorite class (although they are not the strongest for sure). They can do lots of damage if you combine the damage of their animal companion and themselves (The game does not record the animal damage in the log though so sometimes it hard to judge for players if you are just looking to the log to give you damage stats). The animal companion can attain some awesome damage with the right talents (like predetor's sence, vicious and merciless companion) and your Ranger like Sagani can even provide some CC with weapons like stormcaller and talents like stunning shots and driving flight, binding roots and animal takedown. I dont always get all those but usually most of them but they do take time to build up over the course of the game. You do have to micro rangers though to get the most out of them and their pets and that play style isnt for everyone especially if they are not your main.


Also for me the best use of fan of flames is with a fighter like Eder. Just use Disciplined Barrage first and maybe ,but not always necessary, have a druid or some other caster (since its a scroll) start the battle with a spell like Tanglefoot or any spell that lowers reflex. Im not sure i every use a back line wizard to cast that spell although its possible it just takes a spells slot for other useful spells

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1) buff up

2) do CC

3) deal damage


Aloth should use Chillfog. Fan of Flames does a lot of damage, but it's not perticularly great unless you are playing a front line wizard. Chillfog on the other hand has a good range (easier to place correctly) and good base AoE, it blinds continously with every pulse (so it's not so bad if some oulses miss. Blind is a hefty debuff that also slows down movement) and deals good damage. Enemies who ran into a chillfog normaly don't rush your Aloth. And if they do they are easy prey. For me it's the best spell by far at lvl 1. It also works really well with Combusting Wounds and also with implement + Blast (mainly Kalakoth's Minor Blights).


Give Sagani the hunting Bow Persistence (lvl 4 Endless Paths) and give Itumaak Predator's Sense, Vicious and Merciless Companion and also pick Stalker's Link. You will see some high dmg numbers. Don't try to tank with the fox. Use it like a rogue instead.

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