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Store Bug/Issues



Platform: iPad Air



Clicking on the chest icon from the main map screen takes you to the store and displays an offset UI on the Special tab. Content on this tab is broken and cannot be selected. The other tabs work fine but the Special tab remains broken when re selected. This happens all the time for me when the store is accessed this way. Accessing the store in other ways (like from the main screen) works fine and doesn't have this problem



There is also an "!" icon on the Enhancements tab that is permanent and doesn't go away after content has been viewed. There is also a permanent "!" icon on the store icon on the main screen .... (due to "!" on the Enhancements tab?)


Alt Equipment Sets

When all the Alt Equipment sets have been purchased via the Obsidian Edition (and maybe separately?) the "Ragged and Refined Bundle" and "Power and Prestige Bundle" are still displayed as purchasable. Maybe add a check that if all the Alt sets are owned then the purchase option is flagged as Owned for clarity. This may be worth doing for other sets such as dice if the same thing happens?

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