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Legendary Dice from All Alts DLC not available



I purchased the game on Steam and, through the ambassador program, got all of the DLC installed on my computer and successfully linked my iOS account. I can now finish my existing game on PC. Beautiful!


I noticed, however, that the legendary dice provided by the "all alts" DLC are not available to me. They don't show up in my collection. When I go to the store in-game, I am given an option to "buy" the set of dice. When I click it, the Steam overlay pops up and puts the "all alts" DLC into the shopping cart. Steam helpfully informs me that I already own this DLC. So, the game knows that I should have the dice, but I don't actually have the dice.


In case it helps, here's the order in which I did things:


1) Buy season pass on iOS and play a bunch.


2) Use PFID to generate 10% off coupon for Steam.


3) Follow instructions for activating Ambassador Program.


4) Purchase game on Steam.


5) Enter iOS code onto Steam to link accounts and get all of my save game data from my iPad onto Steam.


Of course, this isn't the end of the world, but if anyone has found a workaround or if a solution is incoming, it'd be nice to know. The dice are my favorite purchasable item (and I love that in the Steam version you can buy specific dice with gold! Lord, that would have saved me so much gold on chests ...).

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