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Rare cards merging logics

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I have some questions on rare cards merging. I also asked these questions at the steam community but no response. So, I bring the topic here.


If I merge two accounts (eg. iOS with Steam) which contains the same rare cards.
Account#1 : 3 Favor of Desna
Account#2 : 2 Favor of Desna 
Would I get 5 Favor of Desna when merging ?
And is it the same for common cards ?
Account#1 : 2 short sword cards
Account#2 : 2 short sword cards
Will it become 4 short sword cards when merge ?
In my opinions, for common cards, the merging process should "not" double the number. (It will dilute the card vault)
However, for rare cards, I think it should adding the number. (we love more rare cards, I make the vault stronger and increase the probability to get the good cards when playing)
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From what I understand, it's not so much account "merging" as it is "accessing one account from another platform".


So in your example, if account 1 is on iOS and account 2 on steam, if you were to link your account 1 to your steam account, you would lose account 2.


And if you were to link account 2 to your phone, you would lose account 1.


But I'm not sure why you would have 2 accounts to begin with - it meant that you launched the steam version, and decided to play THEN link your account ?

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