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Burnt Offerings Completion Bug



I just ran a party through the Burnt Offerings adventure (completed all 5 scenarios) and none of my characters show any completion for it.  When I finished the adventure, two of my characters didn't get the end reward.  I'm guessing they must have died along the way somewhere, but without being able to see the completion for ANY characters for Burnt Offerings, I don't know which ones I need to redo.


I also ordered the obsidian edition and after placing all the cards in my decks, got the party creation bug where it kept asking me to recreate my party.  It wouldn't save my decks or parties so I ended up losing all those extra cards.  I had to reinstall the game completely and delete the old characters to progress.


These are some pretty big bugs that are really affecting my gaming.

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Unfortunately, it's been noticed for a little while in this forum that the completion stats for Burnt Offerings is screwy. A number of the missions listed in the completion list don't match names. We don't know when it'll be fixed.


Send an e-mail to support@obsidian.net with the card issue - they should be able to help you out, although it looks like they're pretty buried with requests at the moment, so it may take a couple of days. Not much else I can suggest, unfortunately.

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