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Stride caused a bug on Black Fang scenario.



PC version. Playing the Black Fang scenario.


I was playing Ezren. I did my turn (forget what location he was at).


I was ending my turn, I used Stride. I moved Lini from where they were to the Temple. 


Because I did this, I was supposed to discard a card. Tried to do that, it wouldn't give me an option of confirming that discard, it did let me discard it, but the advance action button was sort of a unfocused dark green. 


When I did an undo on that discard and switched to Ezren it was then asking to discard 2 cards, with no option to actually discard two cards. Lini could still discard one, with 1 left to discard according to the counter and no discards were available when selecting chars and cards. 


Strange bug.

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