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Wand of Enervation disappeared and Kyla's Enemy Lore broken



PC version, Pathfinder Adventures Obsidian Edition

My game tag: Dewguru #1298


6-1, Woods


Ezren buries the Wand of Enervation against a Scarlet Walker, knocking it's challenge rating from a 20 to a 14.


All of Ezren's other items are unselectable as expected since I already used an item.


I go to cast an attack spell against the Scarlet Walker - prompting the Arcane check.


I fail the Arcane check, so I can't cast an attack spell.


I then notice that the Scarlet Walker is back at a challenge rating of 20, that Ezren's items can be used again, and the Wand of Enervation seemed no where to be found. Not in the Buried pile, not in my discard, hand or even my deck. It's just gone.


Kyla was the one being attacked, and Ezren was assisting. The arcane spell he attempted that prompted the check was Incendiary Cloud.


Since that didn't work out well, I go try to have Sajan help out with a blessing (Blessing of Erastil).


Upon playing the blessing, Kyla's extra dice that she gets from her Enemy Lore Power (it's upgraded to include Outsiders), disappears, taking me from a d6 and a d8+1 to just 2d6.


I undo the Blessing and try my best to just reset things with just Kyla, and nothing brings back her Enemy Lore die.


After Kyla got curb stomped, the Wand of Enervation at least reappeared and allowed Ezren to roll to recharge it like it should have.

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