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Great! Any future new adventures?

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Picked up the steam version (after playing the android version for a few days after hearing about the PC announcement) and I'm having a blast.


Only question: anyone know if there are further adventures going to be added? I briefly saw a 'quest' mode on my tablet, but that appears to have gone away with the new patch. Basically itchin' to pick up more power feats and have more opportunities to grind for Deck 6 cards (instead of just repeatedly doing adventure #6 over and over again).

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Good to know, thanks!


Luckily I looked ahead after picking my roles so I didn't "waste" any power/card feats. It is a bummer I won't get to pick up many more power feats, though (though I guess that leads to more replayability if there are more variations I can do on a character).

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