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Is there a way to play the game with just the original cards?

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Options --> Settings --> Treasure Cards In Story Mode? OFF


Will rule out all of the treasure cards.  


The only digital-only cards that may still slip through some promo cards that you may have, potentially including:

Ghost Goblin, Valentine's Day Promo Weapons, Festive Wool Hide, Goblin Golem Of Obsidian, and Rooster


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Awesome thank you. How will that impact existing campaigns/characters that already have them?

I don't think it should affect parties with treasures in-hand. With treasure cards there are two mechanism in the app, and one doesn't impact the other.


First is "Treasure Cards In Story Mode." What is does is to toggle on/off the pre-scenario selection of which of your random treasure cards the game has available to deal into location decks. When it is On, ~15-25 random treasure cards from each Adventure Deck get mixed in with the campaign cards. When it is off, it is zero, and you play a nearly "stock" game.


The other mechanism is the "Hard Limit". That is always on regardless of settings. When you are rearranging characters and swapping cards, the app checks to ensure the party does not possess more of a treasure card than you have found. Should you be found in excess of that number, cards will vanish and you will have to pick some basics to fill holes in decks.


Toggling treasures off shouldn't have any effect on inventories. It will just stop them from further appearing in play.

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