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Pathfinder Adventures AMA on Reddit

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Yeah, this was me. It was a short, not very advertised AMA on a smallish subreddit. If you guys want, I can do another one on a bigger subreddit at some point, or on /r/Pathfinder_ACG. For now, though, if y'all want to ask any more questions, I can answer them here.

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I just read the AMA, and huh. With all respect, why it is surprising that players want multiplayer supported for a cooperative boardgame? You would think that it is a basic need, especially when many boardgames on Steam already support it.

I have a few questions :

1. - Do you play any cross promotion/thematic bundles with the other upcoming digital Pathfinder projects ? (PF Kingmaker CRPG and the PF Duels CCG)

It would be nice to see the Kingmaker campaign's companions as allies or characters, (but I guess the later is too much to ask) for example.


2. - When we will see the first part of Rise of the Goblins in the game? Is it weeks, months, next year?


3. - Are there any other currently unrevealed content updates planned for the near future?

4. - Is there any plans to ever bring back quest mode, or do something similar ?

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